Nov 20, 2012

Trimming Trees

Today is our last day as a family of three.  Tomorrow bright and early we'll be welcoming a new little man into our brood.  I'm caught between feeling a sense of panic and a feeling of calm.  Curious as to how introducing a new little person into our lives will go.  Will I miss Liam being the only child?  Can I possibly love both of them equally and wholeheartedly?  Scary things to think about people!  Last night was spent decorating the tree.  It was so perfect, a quietness to the evening, all of us sincerely enjoying each others company.  So here's to the last night of a home without a squirmy, fussy baby.  We're all so excited to meet you!

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Oh congratulations girl! I have three kids and I had all the same feelings about bringing home another child. I was told the first baby is a gift to the parents and the second a gift to the sibling. So true! Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving:)

Makaila said... Reply To This Comment

I have the same ponderings about having another child, and how Tristen would feel. He's been an only child for a long time. :)

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