Nov 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Gosh, I can't believe how time is flying by this year.  Yesterday was Halloween and it feels like tomorrow is Christmas. Crazy! Here's what I give thanks for this week:

My fireplace.  Our weather here in Arizona has been all over the place. At the beginning of the week the lows dipped into the 30's at night. You better believe we not only had a nice fire goin, but I turned on the heat for the first time.  Now, not so fire and I've got the ceiling fans goin all night.  

                                                                             Source: via Alisa on Pinterest

Boy Meets World.  Since I'm home all day by myself I watch a lot of TV.  One of my favorites has always been this show.  I actually cried during the last episode I watched.  It sounds corny but some of the messages are so dead on!  Wouldn't the world be a better place if every school had a teacher/principal/neighbor/whatever like Mr. Feeney??

My so worn in, so comfy Moccasins!
It's no secret I love my Minnetonkas. I've had 3 pairs in the past 4 years.  They really do last that long. My only advice is order down at least a 1/2 size.  I'm normally a 7 so I ordered a 6.5 and they are still a little big. They stretch a bit too when they're worn in. So cozy!

Belly Butter.  Up until a few weeks ago I used Burt's Bee's Mama Bee Belly Butter.  I didn't really like the smell of it but it made my skin so smooth.  Unfortunately, Walgreen's is an asshole and stopped carrying it so now I just use my Body Shop Body Butter.  Smells good and works wonderfully on my dry, itchy, extremely stretched out tummy.  

 Clorox wipes.  Do I really need to go into detail on this one?

Bath & Body Works Wallflowers.  Between having a grown man, a 5 year old who thinks farting is the funniest thing on earth, and a litterbox, these are lifesavers.  I think they work better when they're put in a small space, but they have the cutest ones out for winter, like this one here.

So what are you thankful for?  

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Katie @ Eventfully Crazy said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my goodness! Did you know that they are coming out with "Girl Meets World"? I am ridiculously excited!!

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