About Me

I love whiskey, a good pair of cowboy boots, whiskey, my kids, singing in the car and oh,
did I mention whiskey?? ;)

I'm an indecisive, stubborn crazy cat lady and if that
hasn't convinced you to be my friend, I don't know what will!

Amber Outnumbered came to be after years of reading other's blogs.

I was pregnant, miserable, bored and needed an outlet.  I write about life as a mommy, 
but also use AO as a place to share some rants, inspirations, loves, a rare fashion
post and possibly the occasional recipe.
(Don't count on that though.)

Steve is my rock.  My safe place.
  We met in the summer of 2011 at a bar *gasp*,
(who says those relationships never work?) and I am just
crazy about him.

Even on my worst days, he's my biggest fan. I really lucked out
finding someone so loving, selfless, chivalrous and devoted to our family.
He's a good one, my guy!

I'm a proud mama to two rambunctious little men. 

My oldest, Liam, is sweet as pie
and the proudest big brother.  He's currently obsessed with anything police or military related
and brags constantly about his police officer brother.

Jackson's our baby.  Now I'm not a morning person by ANY means, but each morning
he greets us with the biggest, sweetest smile and has a serious case of the wiggles until
he's picked up out of his crib.

I hope we'll be friends!

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My fiance and I met at a bar also. I can totally relate, haha. Love it. : )

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