Nov 7, 2012

Total 90's Kid

Being grossly, hugely pregnant I watch WAY more TV than I'd like to admit. While flipping through channels trying to find another station airing Roseanne marathons, I came across a childhood favorite of mine and it got me thinking of all things 90's. Remember this?

Oh JTT. You were everything my elementary heart could dream of. My best friend and I had a fan 
club.  Yep, with real meetings, homemade shirts and all. How I have ever had friends is beyond me. 

This movie was everywhere I wanted to be. Andrew Keegan was a total fox and the blond in that little crop top? My idol.

Now I happen to think Rodney Dangerfield is pretty obnoxious. Back in the day? Gold. I watched this movie on repeat. Vinessa Shaw is so cute and I remember being so jealous of her. She was the ultimate 90's babe. Wikipedia just informed me Johnathan Brandis hung himself....sad!

If I could get back all the money my mom spent on Lisa Frank school supplies, I'd probably have about $5000, no joke. I had EVERYTHING, folders, binders, pencils, pencil holders, sticker books (complete with 438423 stickers a page) flasks, cigarettes...jk. But I probably would have them if they had existed.

Looking back now, this show was so so so cheesy and, well, flat out dumb! But back then, it sure did scare the hell out of little me. Especially the episode about the hound dogs. Can't really remember much more than that.

Anytime I bring this up to friends they look at me like I'm crazy. I can't be the only little kid who owned a pillow person?!

Teddy Ruxpin. He was my best friend. The Bert to my Ernie, the peanut butter to my jelly. I swear the toy company started producing him again a few years back, maybe not. Miss you dude!

Mcnugget toys! One year for Christmas my parents bought me a drive through Mcdonald's playset. It's a wonder I'm not 300 pounds.

The boy band. Again, I had it all....coloring books, nightgowns and a saturday morning cartoon. Who'd have known history would repeat itself and I'd be a pathetic die hard Backstreet Boy fan a decade later?

Thanks mom, for buying me the coolest, most bubbly gummiest shoes ever created.

Again, had every set. I wonder how much these babies would be worth today?

That was a longer walk down memory lane than I had planned. I've come to the conclusion that no kids childhood will ever have as much awesome shit as kids who grew up during late 80's-early 90's.  I'll have to go through old photo albums and share some personal photos of little Amber. I had it made!


Evani Gatsby said... Reply To This Comment

Awwww I love the 90s! This totally was my childhood, especially those darn polly pockets! I had every single one. Have you see the new ones?! They're huge compared to the old school kind! And of course I watched Are You Afraid of the Dark! :) What a flashback, I loved it. Thanks for the new follow on Twitter, I'll be following back!


Amber Dominguez said... Reply To This Comment

There were so many more things I kept thinking of when I was making this post, I could have gone on forever! I haven't seen the new polly pockets, but yeah I had TONS of those. Thanks so much for reading Evani!

P.S. Love your last name, fave book of all time.

Jenny said... Reply To This Comment

I love this post! I'm pretty sure I loved or had all of these things.

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