Nov 15, 2012

Celebrity Crushes

Celebrity Crushes. We've all got 'em. I've got a few I'm pretty passionate about, I mean I don't keep a picture under my pillow and rub it as I fall asleep at night or anything but I don't think I could be trusted in a room alone with one of them (Sorry babe). I'm sure everyone is aware Channing Tatum won sexiest male of the year, and I won't deny he's a beautiful man, but that's not really my thing. Your Brad Pitt is my John Goodman. My thing is more along the lines of these fine fellas:

                                                                           Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Woody Harrelson. This crush started back in '94 when he was in a little movie called The Cowboy Way. My 8 year old heart was smitten.  He seems so attainable and down to earth.  A cute little goofball, witty and clever yet a little ditzy.  There's just something about him I can't get enough of!

                                                                      Source: via Pálína on Pinterest

Jeff Bridges. The Dude. I'm a sucker for an older man (obvs, my hub is 19 years older).  I think his main appeal for me is his voice.  Something about it comforts me. No, I'm not on meds, yes I need to be.  He's the kind of man you could sit and sip whiskey in some shitty hole in the wall bar and never be bored.  Hey Jeff, if your marriage doesn't work out gimme a call.

                                                                  Source: via Charlie on Pinterest

Daniel Day Lewis.  But only when he's in character. Daniel Plainview is by far one of my favorite movie characters followed by his performance in Gangs of New York.  He can yell at me about drinking my milkshake any day of the week.

                                                                        Source: via Nancy on Pinterest
Timothy Olyphant.  Loved him in Catch & Release, Hitman and The Crazies, but what really got me goin' for this guy was Deadwood. Something about a man back in the 1800's is really attractive to me apparently haha. (I think Abraham Lincoln was the sexiest president if that gives you an idea of what type of guys I really like. Not kidding.)

                                                              Source: via Jaime on Pinterest
Stephen Colbert.  He's smart, he's funny, he's handsome and he's pretty clever.  He's also a major major goofball.  Can you tell I have a think for dorky old men yet??

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Makaila said... Reply To This Comment

girl, I have crushed on Woody since the days of Cheers. Such a hottie! And Bridges. Seriously, Sexy.

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