Sep 29, 2013

Hello it's me

Holy hell it's been quite a while, and I know this because 5 of my keys on my Mac have stopped working, so a post that would normally take 20 minutes is now going to take until the sun comes up.  But that's ok!  Summers in AZ put it nicely.. unbearable.  When it's 120 degrees out, the last thing you want to do is take pics while you're sweating your ass off, shunning your boyfriend for not knowing his way around a camera.  I know, I know cameras take a lot of work.  Let's look over the only shot Steve took:

"Babe, take a picture of me petting this cat."

Notice, it's totally blurry, and said cat is nowhere in sight.

I Should give some background.  We are not engaged. We're not married, BUT I'm as crazy as the last and signed us up for an open house at one of the venues I was dying to see.  So what you're about to see is a possibility for us in the future. (Don't judge me)

       Is it not beautiful?!  Ughh I die.  We have another open house coming up soon so I'll update then!
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