Nov 30, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This year I have so so much to be thankful for.  A guy who loves me to the ends of the earth and back, beautiful, healthy children, a nice roof over my family's heads etc.  Here are a few little extras I'm thanking the stars for lately:

1.  Awesome deals on our holiday cards and birth announcements.  I spent a total of $2 on our Christmas cards and $47 on our birth announcements.  I need to just say how much I LOVE Minted.  Aren't our announcements darling??

Check 'em out and if you sign up using this link: SIGN UP HERE you'll save $25 off your first order!  Plus, I think if you use the code SURVEY2012 you'll save an additional 10%!

2.  Crafty people.  I love em.  I love em because I do not have ONE creative bone in my body, but thanks to pinterest I feel like I'm Martha effin' Stewart!  Tonight I'm attempting the glitter deer canvas you've probably seen here.

3.  Keeping with the crafting theme, I'm thankful for Michael's.  They have anything you could ever need and you can usually find some steep discounts!

4.  My Brest Friend.  I've nursed using pillows and I've nursed using a Boppy, but My Brest Friend (see what they did there?! ha!) takes the cake on nursing pillows.  If you've never breastfed you won't understand, but it makes ALL the difference.  No stiff neck, sore arms or tired back.  Miracle worker, I tell ya.  Get yourself one.

5.  Firmoo.  Do you know how much I paid for Rx eyeglasses on another website? About $300.  Wanna know how much I paid for Rx sunglasses on Firmoo?? $7.95.  They were free, I only paid shipping.  Shout out to Helene for posting about Firmoo.  Everytime I put them on I whisper "7.95" to myself.  Unbelievable!

Well I'm off to pretend I'm Miss Suzy Homemaker.  I've got some ideas for some DIY holiday craftage (not a word, don't care) so maybe tomorrow I'll showcase my skills.  Or maybe not....

What are you guys thankful for??


Kate @ DCL said... Reply To This Comment

What a sweet little guy! I'll definitely have to remember to check out that site when we have our little girl in April :)

{new follower!}

Bethany@ said... Reply To This Comment

Amber, thanks for visiting my blog, I am now a follower of yours too! I loved hearing what you are thankful for! I am thankful for good red wine, and quiet nights with snoring babies. And noisy mornings with happy yawns. :) Two extreams and both perfect! Love the blog!!! xo

Nicole Buckingham said... Reply To This Comment

oh those are the sweetest. he is so incredibly precious. love.


Following ya now from the Friday hop. It's so sweet to meet ya. I'd love for you to join me for the ride at Local Sugar Hawaii . We're riding the wave of life one teensy adventure at a time, come join us and if you'd like join us for An Aloha Affair-- our sweet gathering and mingling and... growing together. You're welcome anytime.


Laura Darling said... Reply To This Comment

Do you have the Michael's app on your phone? It's amazing - always has the BEST coupons! I just used it this afternoon!

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