Nov 11, 2012

Christmas Cards

Call me a dork but I'm a sucker for saving money. Before any online purchase you'll find me googling to the ends of the internet for promo codes. I'm a little crazy about it actually haha.  Thanks to the AWESOME ShellyNoBelly I just ordered christmas cards for $2. $2! Wanna know how?

First, you'll need to sign up for an account to Minted to get the first $25 credit by Clicking Here. It applies to your account automatically, no promo code needed.

Second, click the Holiday tab > Holiday Postcards. Choose a design you like and select 25 for $43. (I had a hard time choosing, they have so many adorable options!) Add finished card to cart.

Third, click on Holiday tab > photo cards. Do a quick look on any design you like and "order sample $9" add to cart. (I think your order needs to be over $50)

Fourth, get ready to checkout. Enter all shipping/billing info then at bottom in promo code box enter "HOL25SHIP" which will give you an EXTRA $25 + free shipping.  This will bring your total to $2. Of course, if you need to order more you can, but 25 was enough for me. We decided on this little design (I was impatient to wait for baby)

You'll need to be quick about it, the hol25hip ends tomorrow!

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