Nov 28, 2012

Random Wednesday

Linking up again with the lovely Shanna for a random Wednesday!  Shanna, Wednesdays are my favorite blogging day of the week thanks to your linkup!

1.  Usually by this time of year my Christmas decorations have been up for at least a week.  This year my enthusiasm about it is pretty low.  I guess I'm not that far behind, it's not December yet!  We did buy my 5 year old his own tree for his room which he's pretty proud of!

Don't let his expression fool you, he's overwhelmed with joy haha

2.  I know it's super mushy and gushy, but seeing Steve with our little boy makes me fall more in love with him every single day.  He has two boys already who he raised on his own (they're older than I am, ha!) so I knew he was a good dad, but watching the way he interacts with our little boy sure is a heart melter. 

3.  Speaking of our little bug, he's one week old today!  Can we slow this whole growing thing down a little please??!!
4.  How am I just now hearing about this whole Elf on the Shelf business??!! What a cute idea.  Just ordered my copy from B&N and I can't wait to start hiding the little guy around the house!

5.  I'm having some major F21/Target withdrawals.  I really need to stop looking like I'm 4 months pregnant so I can do some serious damage!


Makaila said... Reply To This Comment

I have heard people RAVE about the elf on a shelf craze. If T was younger, I'd totally be into it.

The babe is precious, just precious. Look at all that hair!

Helene said... Reply To This Comment

such a sweet picture!! and i can understand you wanting to go shopping! htey make all those clothes so small haha!

smk053078 said... Reply To This Comment

The Elf on the Shelf is the BEST! We have had ours for 2 years now. The girls love it!! And your sweet boys are precious. I can't believe a week has passed since you had your last one. Time does fly!!!! And you will be back to being about to by at F21 ans Target in no time. Thanks for linking up!

Lacey said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Amber,
Found your blog through WTF. (She made my blog cute too). Anyhow, stopping by to say hello and I'm your newest follower. Your boys are adorable!

I just decorated for Christmas yesterday, all but the tree. We have no where to put the tree in our new house. Husband suggests the playroom (Really?? Who would ever see it!?) but I'm just going to make him move a couch to storage and replace it with the tree. At least we can see it every day. Maybe then I'll be more in a Christmas mood.

Lacey @

Sarah said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Amber! What an adorable picture of the two boys! Love the colors on your blog and I just posted about ornaments too!

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