Feb 22, 2013

Day 7

So this whole 31 days of blogging is not realistically working out with my life, 
so I'm going to do it as I please.

Day 7 is a picture of someone or something that's had the biggest impact on your life.

That guy right there on the right.

While my parents did do their best at shaping me and influencing me in the
best of their abilities, it's this guy who makes me who I am.

I'm a great mother because of him.
I think of others over myself because of him.
I'm more patient, more kind, more goofy, more furious! because of him.

With him by my side, the worst me...is also the best I've ever been.

He brings out the best in me every single day, and that is something I never
dreamed could happen.

Prince Charming ain't got nothin' on this dude.

Feb 21, 2013


Typing that title reminded me of jr. high and high school when TyPiNg LiKe ThIs was cool.

I loved updating my AOL away status with rainbow letters and sappy lyrics of love songs
hoping my crush would see it.  I was such a loser. 

Look at me now, emo 15 year old self!

So I have followed Gala Darling for a long time.  Like...6 years.  One of her weekly posts
is called TiLT, or Things I Love Thursday.  When I first started the blog I had "Thankful Thursday"
but that just became so daunting to me.  I'm by no means saying being thankful is daunting,
rather some things I mentioned I felt almost silly for being thankful for them.

Am I really thankful for whiskey and sequins? I wouldn't say thankful, but i do love them.

So with that in mind, I thought I'd do my own TiLT.
Some weeks short and sweet, some with a little more detail.

It's SO SO important to remember all the little things in life.  My life certainly
wouldn't be over without horror films, glitter and the color pink, but those things
do add to my life.  

Wow, I really have a tendency to ramble, don't I? 

Things I'm loving this week

 photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngSex on the Beach (not the act, the drink. The act sounds kinda nice though) photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngSwaddle blankets  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngGolden Girls (always and forever. It'll probably be on the list weekly)  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngbaby snuggles  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngAlan Jackson station on Pandora  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngSpray paint  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngSupporting small businesses. It just feels good.  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngsurprise visits to Steve's work  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngmaking plans for travel  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngcountry thunder plannin'  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngleggings  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pnggetting a buzz on  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngspring cleaning  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngbaby animals  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.png

Hearts are a little big...I'm workin on it...it's late guys :)

Feb 19, 2013


Hi!  God, I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last post. 
I'd been feeling pretty stressed/overwhelmed/tired/sad and about a million
other things.  But most of all, I felt NO motivation to do anything.

I swear putting on actual clothing was like pulling teeth.

There are a lot of things going on lately that I'm working through, trying to wrap
my head around this crazy journey called life.

Well today I woke up a new woman.  After only 3 hours of sleep I somehow 
managed to get the kids fed, get Liam up and off to school, shower,
do makeup, clean the kitchen and put on clothing all before 10 a.m.

That may not sound impressive, but I am kind of still in disbelief. 

To me, that's an accomplishment.  Is that pathetic?  Probably. 

But it's a step, albeit a small one.  A step to feeling like myself again.  Does anxiety 
still get the best of me at times? Of course.  But I'm a work in progress and to me, the babiest of steps are HUGE!

My bloggy bud Amanda and I are smack dab in the middle of a February shopping ban.
I accidently bought some bracelets, but other than that I'm doing pretty well!
Since I am not buying clothes this month, today I shopped my closet.  

Those are bluebirds.  In top hats and eyeglasses.

Hey, Amanda, these are two of the bracelets I accidently bought this month!

Chevron bangle - Stella B/Heart bracelet - Sophistifunk/
Other bangles & Ring - F21/Necklace - Old Navy/Cardigan - F21/Blouse - F21/Leggings - Victoria's Secret/Boots -Target

I promise to be a better blogger!!  Don't give up on me ;)

pleated poppy

Feb 6, 2013

WIWW/Day 6

Day 6 - Favorite Superhero and Why

She-Ra counts right??  She has to.
To be honest, I'm not big on the whole Marvel/Whatever superheroes.  Some movies I
liked, but that's the extent of it.  
BUT I loved She-Ra.  She's He-Mans sister right? Or was it cousin?
Who knows, all I know, is she's one hot bitch with her knee high boots
and gladiatoresque dress thing.

Alright on to the clothes
(That's why you're here right?!)

Ever have those days where you look like an idiot and can't take a picture to save your life?

Cardigan/F21, Dress/ASOS, Tights/Target, Glasses/Target
Shoes/F21, Necklace/Lia Sophia, Rings/F21

pleated poppy

Feb 5, 2013

Day 5

A picture of somewhere you've been

Lucky you, I'm showing more than one!  No, my life is not glamorous, I just haven't
been to any super significant places so I'm trying to make up for it by showing you a few.

Just go with it, ok?

La Jolla Beach

The Playboy Mansion.
JK wax museum in Vegas.

Some pretty waterfall place in NY.
It was close to Rochester, I drank a lot.  Don't judge.

Jerome Grand Hotel
I'm fancy.
Haunted, a million years old. How creepy is this hallway?
P.S. Ghost Adventures totally did a show on this place! 

I'm fancy, I know.  The truth is, I've been to so many awesome photoworthy places,
but I used to do this crazy thing called "living in the moment".

Before I had kids, I was content in just being there.  Being in the moment.  Soaking in
the wonderfulness.  Nowadays I feel this need to document every.single.thing. 

Makes a girl want to leave the damn camera at home, right?!

Other places I've been and stupidly did not document at all:

*Niagara Falls (NY and Canada side)
*Texas - Austin, San Antonio, El Paso
*Buffalo and Rochester, NY
(I lived in Rochester, I have many photos, none really worth sharing)
*Denver, Co
*IA (I'm not an Iowa fan.  It's for the birds, I say)
*CA - way too many places to count.  Disneyland owns my heart.

Feb 4, 2013

Day 4

A habit you wish you didn't have:

Definitely my Mountain Dew habit.

I have one first thing in the morning, with snacks, at lunch, dinner, bedtime. 

It's sickening.  At any given time there are about 5 half drank Mountain Dew bottles
around my house. 

I can't help it!!

On a totally unrelated note, check out this smile.  I die!

Happy Monday!

Two more days to enter the best giveaway ever!

Feb 3, 2013

Day 3

31 Days of blogging

Day 3 - A picture of you as a child

Oh hi five year old Amber!
God, look at that frizzy mess.

Funny Story.

One of the times I wore this outfit to school, I kind of forgot to put underwear on.

Channeling my inner Britney, I guess.

So somehow my teacher found out and called my mom to pick me up.

She wasn't amused.  I actually can't believe I forgot my undies hahaha.

It hasn't happened since though, so lesson well learned.

How does a 100 follower celebration giveaway sound?? 

Feb 2, 2013

Day 2

31 Days of Blogging:
Day 2- The meaning behind your blog name

Steve actually came up with it! (I am SO bad with names, we called my cat "the boy"
for his first year because I couldn't decide on a name).

I knew I wanted it to reference that fact that I'm a mom, and I was pregnant with
my second (Steve's third) boy.  We had always made jokes about me being
the only woman in a house full of boys (including the cat).

It was catchy, cute, and true.


Short and Sweet, ladies! 

Feb 1, 2013

Day 1

So I saw this cute idea over on Rachel's blog and while I realize I'm a month late (and Feb only has 28 days) I thought it'd be fun!

If anything it will maybe get some creative juices flowing!

31 days of blogging:

Day 1- A recent pic of you & 15 facts about yourself

*I'm a Mtn Dew freak, but I rarely finish them because I can't stand
soda that's less than ice cold.

*I'm also a potato freak.  French fries, mashed, au gratin, scalloped, hash browns. 
Any way you can make it, I'll eat it.

*I'm the WORST backseat driver. I can't help it, I don't trust
anyones driving but my own.

*I don't know how to burp.  Or do a cartwheel.

*I believe in ghosts and am fascinated by all things paranormal. 
Love me some Ghost Adventures.

*I'm a procrastinator.  Example?  I haven't had a haircut/trim in almost two years.

*I grind my teeth in my sleep.

*I could watch Bridesmaids 10 times a day, 7 days a week.  

*I love Valentine's Day.  The hearts, and red and pink.  I make goodie
bags for Liam's classmates every year.

*I have a shopping problem.  There are more than a few things in my closet 
with the tags still on them.

*I rarely take showers, but I do take a bubble bath every single day.

*My dream wedding is a super small ceremony in the woods. 
While it's snowing.

*I never eat before 11 a.m. 
Food sounds so gross to me in the morning.

*I've only been in one car accident.  I was rear ended by a Hooters
girl on the highway.

*I once drove home from a friend's house completely naked.
But that's a story for another day!

I'm giving away a Target giftcard over at A Happy Wife in Nola's beautiful blog.

Click below to check out Rachel's 31 days!
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