Dec 7, 2012

Sometimes I "DIM"

DIM = do it myself, in case you didn't know. I thought I'd ease myself into the crafting scene by doing something that looked simple enough.  Now if you know anything about me, you'd know that I start these projects with the best of intentions and it usually ends with me curled up in the fetal position mumbling to myself on the kitchen floor, but that's neither here nor there so I'll just show ya the pics and let you decide how this shiz turned out!

Also, need to give credit where credit's due.  Idea came from here.

First, I gathered my supplies (obviously)
You'll need:
- floor wax (doesn't have to be Bona)
- clear ornaments with removable tops
- glitter (I had better results with the super fine glitter)
- two cups, mugs, jars whatever you've got
- two funnels (I am ghetto and made my own. don't judge, I couldn't find any at the store)

Using the funnel, pour about a tbsp of the floor wax into the ornament, cover top with your thumb and shake shake shake 'til it's coated nice and evenly

Empty the remaining wax into one of your cups.
Next you'll use the other funnel to pour glitter in.  I dumped about a 1/2 inch in the bottom of the ornament.

Shake, shake, shake. 
Dump remaining glitter in your other cup.
Now pop the top back on the ornament and you're all set!
You can add pretty ribbon to hang them with, I'm boring and just used hooks.
End result:

 Liam was really proud of his multi colored ornament

The purple and the red middle ornament were made with the chunkier glitter.  Far away, it's not really noticeable, but up close it doesn't look as pretty.  That glitter had a harder time sticking.

Voila!  Beautiful sparkly ornaments.  This year my tree is red and silver, so those would be easy to find in stores, but for those of you with blues, browns, blacks, whatever, this project would be an easy way to customize your tree to whatever colors you want!

Anyone else making their own decorations this year??


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

those are so cute! they look real simple too. I may just have to try them out :) newest follower, love the blog!

Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk said... Reply To This Comment

WOW! This is super cool!
New follower from Find and Follow Hop.
Hope you will hop over and follow me back.
Also, I have a weekly link-up and I would love for you to add some of your ideas! It runs Wed-Fri. There is currently a give-away happening. Check it out!

Be blessed,
Julie @ Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk

Samantha said... Reply To This Comment

Those are so cute.

Beauty Balm said... Reply To This Comment

oh WOW these look great! Really pretty x

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