Dec 12, 2012

Random Wednesday

Yaaay Wednesday!  Linking up with Shanna for a weekly collection of randomness!

1.  Can you believe Christmas is less than two weeks away?! I can't, and guys, I have only bought one Christmas present, ONE!  Shame on me.

2.  Is it wrong I've been wearing my pajamas for the past 8 months?  I'm already back at my pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm still pretty mushy in the tummy area and none of my pants will button.
Yes, my shirt does say "Bikers for Boobies".  I'm nothing if not classy, folks. 

3.  Liam's school sent out an e-mail informing parents that a 5th grade student there passed away monday after a two year battle with Leukemia.  Guys, what in the hell is with cancer attacking so many kids?!  Cancer isn't ok at any age, but I feel like I'm hearing more and more children having to deal with it and it KILLS me.  As a parent of two little guys, can I say how heartbroken this makes me?  I can't even imagine having to watch my children go through that.  Makes me sick!

4.  This is totally random, but I HATE the feeling of wet feet on carpet.  Drives me crazy.  When I was living in Iowa my bathroom had carpet in it and it drove me NUTS.

5.  My Jackyboy is 3 weeks today!  His newborn clothes are now a memory and my guy graduated to 3 months.  I tell him everyday to stop this growing business, but he doesn't listen.  We'll have to work on that.

He's not easily impressed, obviously. 

6.  We're finally getting some winter-like weather here in AZ.  My guys built a nice, cozy fire and we all spent a little time warming our toes before bedtime.

Now get your butts on over to Shanna's blog and check out her randoms!


JP Lord said... Reply To This Comment

He is so sweet! And you look great! I would wear pajamas all the time if I could so i consider it totally acceptable especially post pregnancy :-)

Evani Gatsby said... Reply To This Comment

Lol I love the Bikers for Boobies shirt. Haha not every blogger walks around in jcrew all day! :) And congrats on getting back to pre-preg weight! Feel free to send any fitness tips my way ;)

smk053078 said... Reply To This Comment

Back to pre-pregnancy weight in just THREE weeks!? You go girl!!! That is awesome!! Thanks for linking up again this week!

Rachel said... Reply To This Comment

You've got to get that Christmas shopping done one of these days!

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