Dec 19, 2012

Random Wednesday

Man oh man, time is flyin'.  Christmas is in less than a week and I still have people to buy for!  Next year I'll be on top of things, I swear.  Linking up with Shanna Banana for another random Wednesday!

Before I begin, the giveaway ends today so make sure you get all your last minute entries in!

1.  I bit a country star on the ass.  Yep, I did.  Unfortunately, the radio station hosting the meet & greet refused to take a photo of it, so we just ended up with this:

This was back in February, don't really know what made me think of it now.  And, in case you're wondering, I politely asked if it were ok to bite his rear.  Look mama, I've got manners!  Also in case you're wondering, that cute dude is Jerrod Niemann, and yes, I'm a lot little drunk.

2.  Country Thunder is in April, and I'm already taking inventory of my closet and making mental notes of what outfits I will be bringing.  For those of you who don't know, Country Thunder is a HUGE 4-day country music festival AZ has every year. There's tons of awesome artists, camping, drinking and friend making. We took Liam last year and he was the life of the party in his biker vest and cowboy boots.  The ladies ate him right up haha Mama was pregnant and pretty miserable last year, so I'm looking forward to making it up to myself next year.

3.  We took the boys to see Santa a few nights ago.  Little guy slept through the whole thing!

4.  Went to Forever 21 today to hopefully find a Christmas dress and failed.  You'd think I'd be stoked about my huge breastfeeding boobies, but no!  I'm 5'1 and they look waaaaay out of proportion.  I did find a super cute shirt to wear though so I'll have to work around that.

5.  Happy 4 weeks to my Jackson.  Does that mean he's not a newborn anymore?!  That makes me so sad. (He was napping during the writing of this post, so we'll do his 4 week pic on Friday when he officially turns a month old!)

Lastly, I need to say that like so many others, Friday shook my world. I still have the heaviest heart and I've felt so down since it happened.  I really truly wish there was some way to take away the pain, the loss and the hurt from the victim's families.  I can't imagine suffering a loss like that.  I'm not a religious person. I still struggle with my beliefs, but I have to, HAVE to believe those little babies are being taken care of by some God in heaven.  I hope they're spending their days playing with puppies and climbing trees and not seeing the uglier parts of this world.  


JP Lord said... Reply To This Comment

I don't have my shopping done either, and every year I say I wont let it get to this point! LOL at least you got your kids pictures taken with Santa, worst mom ever right here...

Enjoying the Epiphany said... Reply To This Comment

Hi! I found you on the blog hop and am your newest follower. I was kinda sorta maybe hopin' that you'd pop on by my blog and follow me back!


Jenna Kate Kelly said... Reply To This Comment

Hellooo there! :)
Following via I love my post blog hop!

Would love you to follow me back:

Seasons greetings!! xx

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