Dec 20, 2012

In case the world ends....

When exactly is the world supposed to end? Midnight tonight? Noon tomorrow?  I'm confused.  Are leap years accounted for?!  Well, in case it all ends tomorrow, it was nice knowing you.  You all are some pretty spectacular people and I'll miss my little space here! ;)  Linking up with Kristen!

It kinda looks like Jackson's trying to claw his way out of my belly, no?! Haha next year I will make damn sure we're WAAAY more prepared.  I hadn't planned on doing Christmas cards, but I couldn't pass up the awesome deal I got!

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Sara SHOEmaker said... Reply To This Comment

thanks for your comment a while ago! I'm so slow to return comments....I love your card!! Cute fonts and colors-good choices :) I wish we were with the program enough to send out cards haha

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