Dec 23, 2012

Never never

Never ever will i wait until the last minute to start my Christmas shopping!  Next year I'm doing as I usually do and starting in October.  No joke, I buy a few gifts a week starting mid October and I'm usually completely done by December 1.  Last night Steve and I set out to finish up some shopping and I somehow wandered into Victoria's Secret (and by somehow wandered, I mean I marched ran straight in there).  Do you know how many gifts I bought?  None.  Do you know how many gifts I bought myself? 

$300 worth.

People, that is crazy. $300 worth of sweats is obscene.  That's not including the fact that I went back today and found a hoodie I HAD to have.  Price tag on said hoodie?  $80.  I know, I'm bad.  Fancy sweats are my guilty pleasure, I guess.

Pictures don't do this little lady justice.  
Does anyone else have this issue?  Can you buy for others without indulging
a little and buying something for yourself.  As you can see, I can't. 

Here's to hoping ya'll finish up your shopping without having to dropkick some of the
crazy crazy rude women I've seen out there!

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Tiffany H. said... Reply To This Comment

Gosh that is such a pretty sweater! I love fancy sweats too!


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