Dec 26, 2012

Random Wednesday

Holy wow, the past few days have been CA-RAZY! Between tying up some loose shopping ends, to having visitors and running around from place to place, it's safe to say I am SO glad Christmas is over.  I was telling Steve last night that next year we're holing up in a snowy cabin somewhere, just the four of us.  I'm exhausted!

On with the randomness!  Linking up, as always, with Shanna....

1.  First thing, Merry Christmas!! God bless my wonderful family, but taking a family photo (at least in my case) was more tiring than it should be. Haha between trying to get a shot where the baby wasn't crying, or I wasn't yelling at Liam to put his hands down and Steve not looking at the camera....this photo was the best we came up with.  So from my family to yours, happy belated Christmas.  I hope it was spent with loved ones and everyone got what they asked for! 

Couldn't resist.  We all love crying baby photos don't we? Just me? Alright!

2.  We were SO blessed this year.  As stressful as it was, I am so thankful we have the family and friends we do to share the holidays with.  It was the first time meeting Jackson for most of my family and they all just adored him.  Then he cried, and back in mama and dad's arms he went. 

3.  There's something you should know about Steve.  Not only is he handsome, loving, funny and kind, he is a hell of a gift giver.  I've been pining for a camera bag ever since I bought my Canon and he delivered! 

Isn't she beautiful?!  (The bag, not me ;) )

P.S. the bag is from JoTotes.  Seriously great quality.  I'm in love.

4.  Slimmin' down.  I'm doin' it.  I know you guys are dying to check out my hot bod so here's a gratuitous photo for you ;)  Don't ask what's going on with my mouth, I don't have a clue.

5.  This boy:

I die.  Everyday he's lookin more and more like his daddy.  Snores like him too!

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