Apr 20, 2013

Spring Decor Inspiration

"Spring" in Arizona is a strange thing.  It lasts about two weeks then moves on to sweltering 115+ temps.

Steve is what you could call a "man's man".  He's big, bearded, rides a Harley and would eat steak daily if I'd agree to it.  That being said, our home decor is currently pretty dark.  Dark brown couches, dark coffee table/end tables, black photo frames etc.
Come to think of it, my closet has been the same way.  Blacks, navys and neutrals.

Well something woke up inside of me and I've been loving the bright pastels and prints I'm seeing in spring fashion and home decor.  So if I had it my way, my living room would look like this:

Living Room Inspiration

Living Room Inspiration by amberoutnumbered on Polyvore

What colors are you loving this spring??

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Amanda Cobb said... Reply To This Comment

Ah, I can sympathize! When I first moved in with Ian, it was SUCH a bachelor pad. Exactly like you said: dark couches, dark wood, generally dark. I've been adding bits of color where I can, with blankets and pillow and picture frames and knick-knacks on the bookshelves. Our living room has lots of pops of red now, which is nice against the dark colors. Red was a color the boy and I could agree on. I'm still thinking of painting a wall in my office purple, though. :-D

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