Apr 14, 2013

L's Birthday Bounce

Last weekend was spent celebrating the birthday of my oldest, Liam.  Saturday we opened gifts, ate the homemade three layer green velvet cake, oreo truffles, and chocolate dipped strawberries, then he ditched me to hang out with my sister all day. Also, he didn't like my cake.  Awesome.

Yeah I suck at frosting cakes.

Then on Sunday we had L's birthday celebration at Bounce U.  Basically, it's everything bounce.
Bounce houses, slides, "rock" climbing, bounce boxing ring.  (The gloves were, no joke, about 10 pounds each.)

L had a great time, and ya know what?!  I did too.  I bought myself a pair of socks and went to town, climbing up, sliding down, boxing.  A mama's gotta let loose sometimes too!

Thanks for telling me my shirt was unbuttoned, babe.

Six sweet, wonderful, sometimes horrifying years with that guy.  I'm a lucky sumbitch.

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