Apr 13, 2013

4 Months

So a few days ago I posted about procrastinating, and here we are 3+ weeks after munchkin became the ripe old age of 4 months, and I'm barely posting about it.

Get it together, woman!

This month you are:

sitting supported (still have that wobbly head though)
eating rice cereal
not digging your high chair
chewing on everything. mostly your hands
kicking your legs like crazy during bathtime (well, anytime really) but especially bathtime
sleeping through the night.  PRAISE GOD!
less fussy
putting yourself to sleep
a tummy sleeper
rolling over in all directions
scoot, scootin' all over the room
squealing, complaining and "talking"

We love you so much, bug.  It's the cutest thing when you see brother or daddy after them being gone all day.  Your face lights up in the brightest, best way and it melts me every. single. time. 

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