Apr 12, 2013

Country Thunder 2013

Due to some unfortunate events, I had to cancel my country thunder visit this year.


Those not from AZ or WI  - Country Thunder is a 4 day country music festival held out in the desert once a year.  Everyone packs up their RV's, trailers, trucks, cars and U-Hauls (Yes, I've seen people camping out in the back of a u-haul at CT).  Anything goes - and it does.

Some of the very best memories have taken place at Country Thunder, so to say I'm a little sad about not being there this year would be an understatement.  BUT a girl can dream, so I came up with some collages of what I would be wearing if I were there right now.

Country Thunder Day look

Country Thunder nighttime

CT Campsite

CT Campsite by amberoutnumbered featuring a bikini swimwear

Until next year, you sexy festival, you!

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Country Thunder sounds like a whole bunch of amazing-ness.

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