Feb 22, 2013

Day 7

So this whole 31 days of blogging is not realistically working out with my life, 
so I'm going to do it as I please.

Day 7 is a picture of someone or something that's had the biggest impact on your life.

That guy right there on the right.

While my parents did do their best at shaping me and influencing me in the
best of their abilities, it's this guy who makes me who I am.

I'm a great mother because of him.
I think of others over myself because of him.
I'm more patient, more kind, more goofy, more furious! because of him.

With him by my side, the worst me...is also the best I've ever been.

He brings out the best in me every single day, and that is something I never
dreamed could happen.

Prince Charming ain't got nothin' on this dude.


Steve Goodrich said... Reply To This Comment

You're a dream come true babe! I love you.

Tiff Ima said... Reply To This Comment


I tagged you for a Liebster Award check it out!

Tiff Ima
Style Honestly

jackie jade said... Reply To This Comment

aww so sweet!! love this :)
-- jackiejade.blogspot.com

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