Feb 21, 2013


Typing that title reminded me of jr. high and high school when TyPiNg LiKe ThIs was cool.

I loved updating my AOL away status with rainbow letters and sappy lyrics of love songs
hoping my crush would see it.  I was such a loser. 

Look at me now, emo 15 year old self!

So I have followed Gala Darling for a long time.  Like...6 years.  One of her weekly posts
is called TiLT, or Things I Love Thursday.  When I first started the blog I had "Thankful Thursday"
but that just became so daunting to me.  I'm by no means saying being thankful is daunting,
rather some things I mentioned I felt almost silly for being thankful for them.

Am I really thankful for whiskey and sequins? I wouldn't say thankful, but i do love them.

So with that in mind, I thought I'd do my own TiLT.
Some weeks short and sweet, some with a little more detail.

It's SO SO important to remember all the little things in life.  My life certainly
wouldn't be over without horror films, glitter and the color pink, but those things
do add to my life.  

Wow, I really have a tendency to ramble, don't I? 

Things I'm loving this week

 photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngSex on the Beach (not the act, the drink. The act sounds kinda nice though) photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngSwaddle blankets  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngGolden Girls (always and forever. It'll probably be on the list weekly)  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngbaby snuggles  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngAlan Jackson station on Pandora  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngSpray paint  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngSupporting small businesses. It just feels good.  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngsurprise visits to Steve's work  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngmaking plans for travel  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngcountry thunder plannin'  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngleggings  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pnggetting a buzz on  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngspring cleaning  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.pngbaby animals  photo pink-glitter-heart-clipart_zpscbd1de80.png

Hearts are a little big...I'm workin on it...it's late guys :)

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