Feb 5, 2013

Day 5

A picture of somewhere you've been

Lucky you, I'm showing more than one!  No, my life is not glamorous, I just haven't
been to any super significant places so I'm trying to make up for it by showing you a few.

Just go with it, ok?

La Jolla Beach

The Playboy Mansion.
JK wax museum in Vegas.

Some pretty waterfall place in NY.
It was close to Rochester, I drank a lot.  Don't judge.

Jerome Grand Hotel
I'm fancy.
Haunted, a million years old. How creepy is this hallway?
P.S. Ghost Adventures totally did a show on this place! 

I'm fancy, I know.  The truth is, I've been to so many awesome photoworthy places,
but I used to do this crazy thing called "living in the moment".

Before I had kids, I was content in just being there.  Being in the moment.  Soaking in
the wonderfulness.  Nowadays I feel this need to document every.single.thing. 

Makes a girl want to leave the damn camera at home, right?!

Other places I've been and stupidly did not document at all:

*Niagara Falls (NY and Canada side)
*Texas - Austin, San Antonio, El Paso
*Buffalo and Rochester, NY
(I lived in Rochester, I have many photos, none really worth sharing)
*Denver, Co
*IA (I'm not an Iowa fan.  It's for the birds, I say)
*CA - way too many places to count.  Disneyland owns my heart.

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