Jan 2, 2013

Random Wednesday

First post in the new year, and couldn't think of a better way to start than with a random Wednesday!

1.  Resolutions - I've been thinking really hard about things I want to accomplish in 2013, places I want to go, things I wanna do.  Here's the short version:  Save more money, visit Hawaii, cook healthier meals, be more patient.

2.  I am tired.  Not like, I need a 15 minute pick me up, more like I need to slip into a coma and sleep for a week tired.  Not sure if it's because I'm older now or what, but I don't remember babies being this exhausting!  My first was sleeping pretty much through the night by 6 weeks, and our newest is a tough little cookie to get down to bed.  He fights it and fights it with all he's got.  Give mama a break, Jackson!

3.  My stepsons wedding is in March (I know, it sounds weird I have a stepson older than I am) and I'm at a loss at what to wear.  Obviously, I want to look conservative, but not too stuffy! I live in AZ people, we'll probably already be sweating.  Ideas are encouraged!

My fave pic of Liam and I

4.  I need the beach and I need it now.  Hopefully, if all goes according to plan we'll be vacationing in Hawaii later in the year.  I need tropical, I need mai tais, I need sand between my toes and sun on my skin.

5.  On another note, I haven't been on an airplane in 12 years.  I'm terrified.  Being an adult kind of sucks in that way, things that never bothered or worried me when I was younger are now some of the things I'm afraid of most.  Like flying, and driving on the freeway.  One of my silliest fears? Dust devils.  AZ being a desert and all, there are a ton of them when driving in certain areas and they scare me to no end.  Probably has something to do with the tornado that touched down less than a mile from my home when I lived in Iowa.

Short and sweet guys!  Hope everyone's year is starting out with a bang!


Rachel said... Reply To This Comment

Hi there - I found your blog through the linkup. Can't wait to read more! Hope you're having a great new year! :)

Anne Hill said... Reply To This Comment

Reallllly feel you on needing a beach and needing it now!

Evani Gatsby said... Reply To This Comment

You'd be surprised how soothing an airplane can be, don't worry too much about it! The worst thing you can do is worry about worst case scenarios but actually being on the plane I think is actually the relaxing part. Maybe its the pressure or something but I love it! :) I've never seen a dust devil though...

Rachael SparkFire said... Reply To This Comment

i found your blog and am so excited! I am new to blogging too :) found you on twitter as well! hope youre up to some creative blogging too! check out my site :) blessings, rachael

Makaila said... Reply To This Comment

Beach. Yessssss. yes, pretty please. I am with you girl. sorry about the nonsleeping babeee, just had lunch with a gf today whose baby isn't sleeping at night. it's so hard!! hang it there! it will pass.. :)

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