Jan 24, 2013

Mom Stuff

Having a newborn has got me thinkin' about this whole mom business.

I'm pretty sure when my kids are in their teens, I'll look back on this post and laugh my ass off.

See, being a parent is no cake walk, my dear friends.  Not one bit.  There are the teething times, the terrible 2's (which should be called the terrible 2-18's, or so I've heard) and I'd be pretty rich if I had a nickel for every morning Liam tried to convince me to homeschool him.

But with that being said, I can honestly say it's the most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life.  

You can't get the rainbow without the sunshine.  Or so I've heard.

Here are some reasons I love being a mom:

You get horrible awesome gifts.  It's pretty easy to pretend to like something when
you see the look on their face as you open their present.

My own personal photographer.  Do you know how many pictures of my cat/framed pictures/toys 
I have on my camera? Approximately 5489.  I die laughing everytime I go through the pictures after
my five year old got ahold of it.  But you know what, when he's taking pictures, he's SO into it.
Maybe he'll make mama some money one day!

Sharing new experiences.  Now obviously I've seen my fair share of fires, but this little guy?
It's so amazing to watch them see or do something for the first time.  Even the smallest things like seeing a dog for the first time, learning to ride a bike or seeing that first
newborn gummy smile.  Makes my frigid heart melt, I tell ya.

Holidays.  I've always, always been huge into decorating for holidays but now that
I've got kids I love it even more.  Steve and I spent well over $400 just for Halloween decorations. 
Pretty ridiculous, but at the same time...I love it.  Growing up my mom made 
every little holiday a big deal, so it's nice to pass that on to my family.

If Liam's taught me one thing, it's how to be a total goofball and not give
two shits what anyone says about it.  Mouse ears to the park? Why the hell not?! Dancing around the living room like a crazy person? Yes please.  Life's too short not to laugh at yourself sometimes. 


Gina Gao said... Reply To This Comment

These are great pictures! You look like one happy family.


Janna Renee said... Reply To This Comment

You look like such a fun mom! Your kids are going to look back and know that!

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