Jan 28, 2013

2 Months

Little bug is 2 months! Ok, so I'm a little late....like a week, whoops!

J got his daddy's nose.  Lucky poor guy.

At 2 months you are:

Smilin' like it's your job.  Usually right after meals you give us that gummy grin.

Still not willing to be by yourself.  If you're not in our arms you are crying.
Please stop.

Sleeping more and more at night.  Thank the Lord above.  You're only waking
about once to nurse now.  Mama's boobs thank you, little one.

Making THE best faces.  You raise your eyebrows at us, stick your tongue out (oh that little tongue),
smile, and make a sad little pout face.

A cuddling, nuzzling, sweet little bundle. 
{Don't ever stop!}

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