Jan 8, 2013

How I Know I'm Getting Old

It's true, I'm only 26, but I swear sometimes I feel like I'm 70.  This is probably really dorky, but I was am a huge video game nerd.  Video games are something my son and I shared a love for (I don't have much time these days to play games) and sometimes talking to my 5 year old feels like I'm conversing with someone from Japan.  I dont know about you, but watching the New Years special was really confusing!  I kept asking "who is that" and googling every 10 minutes.

So here's a little list of reasons I'm 26 going on 70:

                                                                    Source: hancinema.net via Courtney on Pinterest

Please for the love of god someone explain this to me.  I've watched videos, I've googled and I'm still so confused.  Why is this such a big thing?! Who is this?!  Why is that person now super rich for dancing like he's riding a horse??? I don't get it!

                                                                        Source: dormify.com via Her Campus on Pinterest

The hashtag.  I get why they're used on twitter, I mean at least I think I know why people use them on twitter.  But why are these being used on Facebook, Instagram, e-mails, snail mail and every other form of communication??!!  I really need to know why I even get text messages with hashtags in them.
ok, just googled why they're used on instagram and I'm excited about this. 

My New Years Eve.  We had offers to babysit from 3 different people and what did we do??  Stayed in, had a half glass of champagne and passed out.  A year ago I would have jumped at the chance to go out and get my drink on.  These days, not so much.

Speaking of getting my drink on, I did just that the night before New Years Eve and had a two day hangover.  I shit you not, people.  Two days of a horrible headache, chills, dizziness and repeating over and over how "I'm never drinking again."  Yeah, we'll see how that plays out.

                                                                           Source: stylebistro.com via Sue on Pinteres

Wtf is this?  While I'm about to start shelling out money to cover my 11 gray hairs (and growing) girlfriend is spending money to cover her head in gray?  I'm not understanding.  Plus, it actually looks pretty good on her which pisses me off even more.  

                                                                                   Source: zgal.re via Z Gallerie on Pinterest

I'm starting to think (and worry) about retirement.  Yes, it's true I don't work right now, and yes it's true the job I'll probably be going back to doesn't offer 401K or any type of benefits, but I'm scared, people!  I don't want to be one of those door greeters at Walmart when I'm 75.  No offense to any door greeters out there, but when I'm 60+ I want to be relaxing, enjoying my husband, my kids and my grandkids.  I don't have any type of savings at all and this year I decided is the year to get serious about saving.  You just never know!

Anyone else out there feel me on any of this? 

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Myrna Wilson said... Reply To This Comment

HAHA!! I know how you feel. Something about baby coming along...just fast forwarded me, and I'm a little ahead of you in age, but I've felt 21 for a decade and now BAM - I'm 31!

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