May 30, 2013

Stitchfix review part two

So Wednesday I revealed the shirt I ended up keeping from my Stitch Fix box this month.  (Actually the pants I wore were a keeper from my last box.)

And after we did that photo shoot and I decided I wasn't keeping anything else, I decided on not making a big deal out of the items I didn't keep.  Hey, people, it's over 100 degrees here, I would have a heatstroke if I did a shoot for each item.

At first look, I was SO excited to try everything on.

Lookin' good. 
 (Well, the clothes are anyway.)

So, I liked the dress, actually I think Steve liked it more than I did, but a casual dress like this has to really wow me to justify paying $58 for it. (I'm cheap, I know.)  I made a mental note that if I was still thinking about it in a few months, I'd ask for it again.

 Again, cute print, liked the colors....but it was priced a little high for me.

Not too bad, cute print, very light and flowy.....until I took my hands off of my hips and this happened:

Um. No.  I tried tucking it in, but the bottom front is like a pleated-ruffly weirdness, so that didn't work.
The price point was perfect ($34) but it was not flattering at all.  Boo. 

I also got a skirt, and I'm kind of disappointed they would have sent it to me and expect me to buy it.
The seams were coming apart inside the waistband, so I really didn't even try it on.
That's really the only true disappointment I've experienced so far, but I'm only two boxes
in so we'll see!  

I'm already all signed up to get my next box, and you can do so here: Sign up!
It'd be awesome if you used that link (I'll receive a credit towards a box)!


jackie jade said... Reply To This Comment

that dress is cute - but agreed that i have to LOVE something before i will spend a certain amount on it. especially if it's something casual i won't wear too often.
-- jackie @ jade and oak

Jennifer said... Reply To This Comment

My favorite of these is the red top, but yes if it's too much money, I wouldn't get it either. I am too cheap I guess.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I love that dress! I might try sewing something like that. :)

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