May 22, 2013

I really suck at this blogging thing

Ok, it's been over a week since my last post.  How does that even happen??

Honestly, I think I get so caught up in reading all 200+ blogs on my bloglovin' roll, that I don't even
consider the fact that "oh damn, I have a blog of my own".

Lately I've been getting dressed.  Not only that, I've been getting dressed and leaving the house.
I know this might not seem like a big deal, but ummm when you've got two kids and the temps are 100+ I can assure you it's actually a really big deal.

Do you know any professional photographers that accept payment in the form of cookies??

You know what's awesome and I've been totally abusing?? Airbrush.  Have two kids and try to tell me you don't need a little airbrushing.  Airbrush overkill is better than my real skin, trust me. ;)

I actually do really pick fruit from that ladder, actually I'm using the lemons in a marinade!

But hell do I need to purchase a remote.  In 100 degrees I break a sweat walking back and forth to take pics.

But there ya go.....I don't wear heart print sleep shorts 24/7.

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jackie jade said... Reply To This Comment

you look so great - love those shorts. and i totally wouldn't be leaving my house in 100 degree weather either, so i feel ya. great photos! i need to get a fancier camera so i can take my own photos too.
-- jackie - jade and oak
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