Jan 15, 2013


It's hump day ya'll!

Ugh, I want to slap myself right now for just saying that.  That's the first (and last) time I'll
ever refer to Wednesday as "hump day".  Moving on....

I've been feeling pretty uninspired, dare I say bored, lately.  Not sure if it's the fact I watched an entire season of The Lying Game in two days (Best show ever.  She kinda looks like Raven, no?) or the fact that the most exciting thing to happen in the last week was my baby taking a shit (he hadn't gone in 5 days) but I'm in a funk.

One of my goals this year was to step outside my comfort zone and take more pictures of myself.
As a mom who's always taking the photos, I think it's safe to say 95% of the pictures I have do not include me.  I'm working on changing that!

Even if it does mean I have to set the self timer and run to get into place like an idiot. 

Don't ask me why I'm standing like that. 

Beanie - ASOS
Jacket - F21 (old)
shirt - F21 (old)
Leggings - Old Navy (old)
Sunglasses - Target (old)
Necklace - F21 (old)
Boots - Target

 Last Wednesday I asked for opinions on wedding attire, and I'm so happy about the feedback I received.  I think I knew dress 2 (Teal) was the one, just needed some affirmation, I guess.  By the way, I am renting my dress for the occasion, and have never used Rent the Runway before.
  Anyway, I rented these two dresses and a clutch:

wedding rental

pleated poppy


Ashley said... Reply To This Comment

Woohoo!! Glad you chose that dress :-)

I'm also trying to do a better about taking pictures with my kids and of myself...I'm always the one behind the lens!

Kelly Ann said... Reply To This Comment

Great look, the necklace is my favorite part of this outfit!

Sparkles and Shoes

jackie jade said... Reply To This Comment

cute outfit! i'm a new follower from shanna's blog hop. i love the dress you chose for the wedding - so pretty. interested to hear your experience with rent the runway too!
-- jackiejade.blogspot.com

houseblendfamily said... Reply To This Comment

Adventures in self-timing:
1. Push button
3. Deep breath, smile
5. Click.

Evani Gatsby said... Reply To This Comment

I love that you mention a self timer! Did you use a self timer on these photos too?! You look so cute, I love how casual yet put together this look is!

Amanda Cobb said... Reply To This Comment

Woohoo, glad you picked the teal lace dress, that was my fav of the two.

I like your jacket and necklace, too. :)

Ginny said... Reply To This Comment

Lovin the hat and that necklace is so pretty :)

Lindsey A. Turner said... Reply To This Comment

you look so effortlessly cool! Love that necklace!



Mia Maree said... Reply To This Comment

This is such an edgy look! I love it! Definitely good inspiration because I need to work on pulling something like this off :-)


My Thrifty Chic said... Reply To This Comment

love this relaxed look and that great statement necklace!


Amber said... Reply To This Comment

You look great! Loving the hat.

I LOL'd at hump day. I say it all the time even though it irks me, haha

Kiiiim said... Reply To This Comment

Cozy, warm look. People in San Francisco would totally rock this look. Get it, boo!

Adoring your blog, by the way.

Feel free to check out my blog and follow if you want... I'll follow back, of course! Just let me know :)


Bex said... Reply To This Comment

Love this outfit, it looks fab on you :)

Kiiiim said... Reply To This Comment

Thank you, boo! Following you back, of course... Looking forward to your future posts!


Sarah Louise said... Reply To This Comment

Hello, loving your blog, looking forward to reading more, new follower. Sarah :o)


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